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Connecting communities to healthcare in Tanzania

Trans Tanz Patient Interviews

Shidakazinyingi Pili Selemani


1. How has HIV infected your life?

- I was sick all the time, with frequent fever, chest pains and leg pains. I lost my husband because of HIV last year. I have two kids left which is not tested for HIV yet, after loosing one from HIV.


2. When did you find out that you were affected? Do you know how it happened?

- It was in 2006 when I was pregnant with my last child. My husband didn’t take any medicine, and I probably got infected from him. I have never cheated on my husband, but had had many girls. I guess he didn’t use any protection.


3. Do you have a regular source of income? If not, how do you survive?

- No, my sister is taking care of me.


4. Did you try to get treated before the TT bus service started? Why not? What problems did you face?

- Since I was living in Dar at the time I went to Muhimbili. I came to Chalinze to my sister in April this year, after my husband passed away.


5. How have TT and UKUN helped you?

- TT gives me transport and food. UKUN is helping me with medication.


6. Have you met any people in your situation while using the bus service?

- Yes, people from different villages. But we are not socialising much.


7. What do you think about the HIV information access in Tanzania?

- Even though I knew about HIV before I got infected I don’t think the information work is good enough. People don’t like to hear about it, they avoid the information because of the stigma. I think they should start community based programs instead of only informing at the hospitals.


8. Do you live a good life? What is a good life for you?

- No, I don’t. I need a job to live a good life.



7. What other things can TT/UKUN do to help you?

- I need help to get a job or starting a business.


8. What do you think about the HIV information access in Tanzania?

- There is good and much information about HIV. Especially in the hospitals and the HBC. They even have free HIV tests. To be honest I knew enough about HIV before I got infected myself.


9. Do you live a good life? What is a good life for you?

- Yes, after getting tested and starting using medicine I have lived a good life. Before getting sick I was 96 kilos. Then after HIV I suddenly was 67. Now my weight is 74 kilos.


10. What do you think about your future?

- I think I will live a good life. I just need to get a job. I think I be living for 25 more years. But I won’t get married again. I don’t like sex, but if I am having in the future I’ll use a condom for sure.





Name: Pili Selemani

Sex: Female

Age: 30

Shida Kazi Nyingi

Sex: Male

Age: 48