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Connecting communities to healthcare in Tanzania

The patients of Trans Tanz are at the heart of what we do and the community that has formed amongst bus users is one of the most rewarding things for the trustees when we visit, we've even had a Trans Tanz wedding! Here is a brief snapshot of some of our patients stories.

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John is 14 years old. In 2008 both his parents died from HIV and John who is also HIV posiive went to live with his grandparents. Before his grandparents discovered Trans Tanz it ws too difficult for him to travel to the clinic. He was very ill and missing school. Since he became a passenger on the bus John's health has improved enabling him to return to regular classes. He passed his primary school examination in 2012 and was selected to go to the government run secondary school in Miono He recently told Zephaniah that when he grows up he would like to become a doctor so that he can treat all those who cant't afford to buy medicine.



Bibi Marietha is 60 and lives in Hondogo. She cannot walk well and her village is 6km from the  main road. Juma collects her from her home and helps carry her to the bus to ensure that she can access her treatment at the CTC.